Sourcing Services

We provide you on-the-ground support including:

-Supplier Identification
-Price Negotiation
-Factory Audits and Assessments
-Sampling Facilitation
-Quality Control
-Logistics Support

Sourcing: % of the product value listed on the PI. Minimum fee of $1000 per project



For companies that are just beginning your sourcing journey or wanting to explore the possibility of manufacturing your product in a new location, we provide consulting to determine project feasibility and initial research.



Other Services

-Graphic Design
-Product Photography
-Video Creation
-Keyword Analysis

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Improving your bottom line.


A reliable and trustworthy business relationship should always come first. If the business relationship is strong and the priority, it should only compliment the financial gains.


We believe our services will add value to your company in all areas of the procurement process. This will lead to an on-going business relationship that benefits all parties involved.

Contract Buying & Negotiation

If you are wanting to enter into a contract with a supplier in India, we can help facilitate that. Veritas Sourcing can act as the go-between to make sure you get exactly what you are looking for, or we can help the contract negotiation between you and the supplier. If you have IP you’d like to protect you can use our pre-made NNN Agreement for India.

Quality Control

Many companies lose money due to poor quality control. One factor of this is the lack of understanding on the part of the supplier. We work to ensure your product is up to your expectations and call-out documents. The goal is that there are no unexpected results when you receive your shipment.

Supplier Vetting & Procurement

Through our network, we have contact with suppliers across India and numerous other locations. With contracted agents on the ground from the US and India, we're able to find and vet the best suppliers to meet your company’s needs.

Your Representation

We represent the buyer, and we work on your behalf. We want to find you quality products for the best prices, and find the best supplier to work with you. At Veritas Sourcing we believe a business relationship built on trust is the going to create the best win-win situation for everyone.


Having experience doing business on internationally, and especially within India, we want to minimize any breakdown in communication between the involved parties. We want you to be 100% satisfied with our speed of communication. Would you rather communicate directly with the supplier? We are OK with that too!

Lower Travel Costs

Due to our location, we can travel within India and neighboring countries easier and cheaper, saving you potential costs of multiple trips across the world.